Liberty Bell Pen – Cherry


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This Handmade Patriotic Liberty Bell Ballpoint Pen features Antique Pewter finish hardware and an American Cherry natural wood pen body.

Theme:           The Liberty Bell, located in Philadelphia, is one of the most iconic symbols in US history. The bell bears the inscription “Proclaim Liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof”.  Although made in 1751, it was not called the Liberty Bell until the late 1830s when it became a symbol for the abolitionists who opposed slavery.

This Handmade Patriotic Liberty Bell Ballpoint Pen with Pewter finish and Cherry wood body captures many characteristics of the Liberty Bell.  For example, the clip features the Liberty Bell and rope.  In addition, the pen’s nib is shaped like the bell’s clapper.  The American Flag is draped around the top cap.  The center band is inscribed with “Proclaim Liberty.”

Hardware:     Durable Antique Pewter finish.

High quality, long lasting, and ultra-smooth twist mechanism.

Medium, ball point, black ink.  Replaceable with a Parker style refill.

Pen Body:      American Cherry wood with a satin finish, to complement the patriotic American theme.

This Ergonomic design, large diameter pen fits comfortably in your hand for easy writing, and allows for easy grip by individuals with larger hands, fine motor difficulties or arthritis.


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